100 words

This week in reading, we had to make up a extract of a narrative. we could base it on whatever we liked but it had to have the phrase: Everyone clapped and cheered apart from… best of all, we could only use 100 words! I wrote mine just under the 100 word mark with 95 words used. this is how i wrote mine.

I stood up there. Happily. I had just got into the state football team. Everyone clapped and cheered apart from the mean bully at the back. He had always hated me.

I am a nerd. I am Frank.

The school kids were running around frantically. They were happy for me. I was happy for myself.  The teachers’ words came out in a blur. ‘Congratulations.’  I couldn’t stop smiling. But the bully couldn’t stop frowning. I wondered how he would cope. But I didn’t care, because I walked of the stage as happy as a prince.

Arbury Park Year 5/6 Camp

Arbury Park Outdoor School was where the year 5/6`s travelled to on the rainy and cold 11th of May.

When we arrived at Bridgewater, Richard the Arbury park boss met us on the Bridgewater oval so we could start out 1.5km walk to Arbury Park. On the walk the paths were skinny and extremely muddy. We walked past the old Bridgewater mill and saw how incredibly deep it went into the ground to spin round water. The scenery on that walk was beautiful and all the trees shrubs and flowers were green and colourful. My favourite part of the walk was a small deep dam with green slimy algae floating on the surface and an old hollow dead tree fallen across it like a bridge.

One of the first fantastic activities we experienced at Arbury Park was the fun survival game Web of life. In the web of life you were either an angry vicious carnivore or a calm peaceful herbivore. I was a herbivore and I had to look out for yummy green food tins or refreshing blue water tins so I could be healthy and survive. But at the same time I was looking out for carnivores so when they pounced and tried to attack me I didn’t get caught. I was also looking out for the deadly death and the nature destroying destruction so they didn’t point at me call out my name and kill me. I fortunately survived the game with a whopping six out of eight lives left! The scenery that we played in was just amazing! I loved the tall trees that surrounded us and the slippery mud that you ran in. The tall hill that the forest sat on was so green and steep. I liked the game so much because it was really fun to find out how animals really do survive and cope in the wild. If I was an animal living out there I wouldn’t last a second!

Mission survival was our first series of group activities at the adventurous Arbury Park. Mission survival was a team game where you had to pass three challenging obstacles by communicating with your teammates. As a team we didn’t communicate very well and struggled to pass the obstacles. The first obstacle, we had to make a bridge out of metal to cross ‘quick sand’. We failed from the start when we only sent 4 people over in the helicopter that took people over the other side and that made things alot harder. The second challenge we had to fit all of our teammates through a massive spider web without touching any of the webs` silk (rope). We failed to complete this challenge also, by using all the low and easy holes first. The 3rd final challenge we completed (YAY!) in the last second. We had to make a bridge out of a thick plank of wood and four lengths of rope. I enjoyed Mission Survival alot but if we got a second chance we would need alot of improving!

The Mt George Hike was a fun and tiring experience. We had to walk five long km which took us three long hours. The tracks up the Mt were skinny rocky and slippery. They were very steep and hard to walk up and down. The walk was extremely tiring but it was defiantly worth it! The view at the top was absolutely amazing! Green colourful trees covered a hill nearby. Giant rocks that you could lie on. Everywhere you looked was absolutely beautiful. There were birds perched on tree tops singing little songs. All different types of insects swarmed around you. The place was full of wildlife, everywhere you looked. The Mt George hike was defiantly a highlight for me on the camp. I would defiantly do it again.

Our last group activity for the camp was bird ecology. Firstly we looked at a different variety of stuffed birds. All from Arbury Park except one. The penguin. We studied the differences between the murray magpie and the magpie you find around here. I learnt that the word magpie comes from England and magpie means ‘black and white’. During that activity we got given a pair of binoculars each and set out to the stunning Arbury Park Forest where the tallest greenest trees stood and where the prettiest most colourful birds lived. We spotted three tiny yellow black honey eaters (one on the top of Claudia the cockatoos` cage) and one little black bird that had a bright red neck and chest. Bird ecology was fun, and I especially liked the tall trees that surrounded us when we were looking for birds and finding out more about common birds that lived in our area.

Arbury Park was a fun exciting experience where I learnt lots and enjoyed even more. My favourite part was the Mt George hike and the web of life. The camp was lots of fun and I can’t wait until Canberra next year!

Welcome to my Blog

Hi, my name is Tayla and welcome to my Blog. I have just started to publish this blog and only have few posts on it yet. I hope you will enjoy my post about Arbury park and my new page called ‘Maths Journal.’